Emily Whelan

Wellbeing Officer

Key Points

  • Continue my work as 2018/19 Wellbeing Officer
  • Raise awareness surrounding the risks of Meningitis
  • Offer as many people as possible CPR training
  • Increase visibility of support services at SUSU and the University
  • Be an approachable, friendly face for students

I am the current SUSU wellbeing officer for 2018/19 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the role so far.  I have a number of ideas I am currently laying the ground work for and I would love the opportunity to bring these into fruition.

What's more, I have loved getting to know more about the internal workings of the Union and forming great relationships with those that work at SUSU.

One of my main goals is to raise awareness about the risks of Meningitis and educate students as to the symptoms and also encourage those who have not, to have the NHS vaccination. Additionally, I would like to increase visibilty of support services as I feel a lot of people don't know where to turn in times of need and both SUSU and the University have some fantastic services to offer.