Parth Pandya

LGBT+ Officer

Key Points

  • Greater support
  • More awareness campaigns
  • Be a voice for the community
  • Greater coordination with staff & societies
  • Represent views to the Union

I have experience in creating awareness campaigns for the LGBT+ community and with mental health. In my previous school, I was a Senior Prefect and I coordinated frequent LGBT+ weeks, did school assemblies and coordinated PSHE lessons. I also coordinated and booked staff training for mental health and LGBT issues. As a Prefect & Subject Ambassador, I have experience in representing the student body and looking at solving issues with staff, more recently I am doing this through being a Course Rep and sitting on the Education Zone. Therefore, I am very committed to the student community. But most importantly, I go to many pride events and rallies concerning LGBT issues and I try and make a difference. If elected, I want to increase the awareness of key issues and coordinate more university wide events. Most importantly, I want to be a voice for the community and listen to concerns and try and help solve issues through regular support sessions. Furthermore, I go to a lot of societies and I believe that more work can be done by coordinating some events with societies. At university, diversity is really important and equal opportunity should always be a given.