Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

Halls Officer

Key Points

  • Will put on the Freshers' Week of a lifetime!
  • Have fantastic links with clubs to sort out great deals.
  • Events and freebies will be abundant across all Halls.
  • Will ensure all improvement requests are acted upon, however big.
  • Will enhance the current provision for all students in Halls.

Why vote for me?

I am extremely experienced in taking leading roles and handling large budgets and if elected as Halls Officer, will ensure that the Halls Funding available goes as far as possible to allow everyone in Halls to be able to attend and have events tailored for them, from food nights to quizzes and films, all for free. With a proven track record from my positions as Monte Halls President and a Scout Leader, making change and organising events that people enjoy is a real strength of mine. From a packed...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

It is not within the remit of the Halls Officer to organise Freshers' or 'sort out great deals' with clubs. Considering this is 40% of your manifesto, are there any other tangible policies you'd like to put forward?

Hi there, Thank you for having scrutinised my manifesto in the first place and for being so involved in the democratic process. The way Freshers' activities and events interlink with settling in events in Halls are quite key to the role of Halls Officer. Representation is a central part to the role, and ensuring that feedback gained from this year's intake of Freshers regarding their introductory events to the University, from the Freshers' Week events to the Halls Roadshows, is taken on board and acted upon is something quite important to me. Much like the upcoming St Patrick's Day SUSU event with Switch, ensuring that those in Halls have access to the best possible nights out and to deals that give them benefits for being in Halls is something I would look to consolidate. With the five points, I was quite restricted with words and to clarify, would be helping to organise the things mentioned. Beyond that, as mentioned in my additional paragraph, a thorough review of laundry would be something I would look to follow through, having been the only student to attend and contribute to the forum which was open to all students at the University. Reinforcing Intramural sport links with Halls and looking at the security of sites is also high on my agenda as things residents have approached me about specifically. Finally, having an equal provision across all Halls, so that those who are in smaller Halls or are further away than others are not disadvantaged by what freebies or events they have available to them. I hope this answers your question sufficiently and please get back to me if there is anything else you would like to know! Many thanks, Rishi

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