William Hough

Candidate for Surge Radio Station Manager

  • Improve chances for engagement for our members
  • Redefine committee positions and remits
  • Complete optimisation of the technical back-end of the station
  • Rework the functionality of the Surge website
  • Interweave training and development opportunities with SUSUtv

Why vote for me?

The last year has been an excellent year of laying the groundwork for Surge's future. We now understand more about our technical situation than ever, and we have identified and begun rooting out deep-seated problems.

Should I be reelected, I will continue developing Surge, with a renewed focus on engagement, development, and ease of use for our members. As well as stripping the bloat from management by redefining committee positions and finalising the ongoing streamlining of the tech setup and website to make Surge on the whole less of a black box, and more accessible.


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