Fiona Sunderland

Vice President Activities

Key Points

  • Provide more structure and support for committees
  • Media involvement as standard for SUSU
  • Lobby the University to make the Arts a bigger priority
  • Better use of SUSU space; both storage and showcasing
  • Help societies and students with commercial ventures

Why vote for me?

Hi, I'm Fiona and I'm re-running for the role of Vice-President Activities. This year I've worked on areas such as restructuring grants, recognising/supporting committees and strengthening the relationship with Arts at UoS. I am passionate about SUSU and being so involved in societies myself, I understand how important it is to the student experience and already being in the role I know that I make a real difference. My plans if re-elected:   Support for societies It can be difficult...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What does SUSU mean to you? If you were to define its values in 5 words, what would they be?

Hi there, thanks for the question. I don’t want to give a wishy washy answer about how much SUSU means to me, so to keep it short, to be SUSU is the student experience. I think my experience at University has been more influenced by societies then anything else. I have about 2 friends I met day 1 on my course and everyone else I have met has been through societies and SUSU in general. I think whatever your thoughts on SUSU are, there is no doubt that it provides a large amount of the community aspect of being at University and so many opportunities. I know there are the official 4 values which mean nothing to anyone and I really hate “describe something in 5 words” but I think community and opportunities are certainly the key values we should be promoting.

This question was also asked to Corin Holloway, Hao YouAnswered by Fiona on 04/03/20 19:14

There's been a visible drop in the number of students getting involved in societies over the last few years. How do you plan to address this, if at all?

Hi there, thanks for the question. If I’m completely honest this isn’t something that’s been on my radar. As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been a visible drop - currently over half of students are registered as being in a society and I’m sure there are many more that are casually involved/take part in their events. I think the only thing particularly I’d like to do with this is to have more small-scale bunfight style events. This year I’ve held a few mini bunfights and having them in categories worked really well for getting people interested in a general area to look at societies they might not otherwise have come across - I’d like to look into doing some of these at different points in the year. I’m happy to further clarify anything, you can email me at

This question was also asked to Corin Holloway, Hao YouAnswered by Fiona on 03/03/20 23:20


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