Ria Dunn

Candidate for Social Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Improve communication between departments with joint honours courses
  • Ensure the student voice is heard
  • Reassess how special considerations are dealt with
  • More student support
  • Build a community within our faculty

Why vote for me?

I aim to bring more support to those with mental and physical illness within our faculty, by reassessing how we action special considerations and providing more support for students. I will aim to organise faculty wide events, and will ensure that the students' voices are being heard. Through the role, I want to bring about a positive change both to the faculty and the university.

I will push for more communication between departments, especially for those who have joint honours students, and build a sense of community in the faculty, as well as in individual departments. Finally, I will open a discussion into how pre-existing study spaces can be improved and used as a place to gain pastoral and academic support.

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