Lorna Selby

Candidate for Women's Officer

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Key Points

  • Educate Students about Consent, Safety and Respect
  • Collaborate with LGBTQ+ and BAME Officers
  • Represent Student Feedback at SUSU
  • Liase with Local Government to voice Women's interests
  • Hold exciting events for Women's History Month!

Why vote for Lorna Selby?

As Women’s Officer, I will continue to serve and represent the interests of women at the University and in Southampton more widely.  

I will work to create cultural change at our University to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all women. I intend to do this by creating educational materials about Consent, Safety and Respect for Halls, Social Media and Induction Lectures. 

I will continue to build relationships within SUSU and the University, collaborating with the VP for Welfare, LGBTQ+ Officer, BAME Officer, Welfare Officer and relevant societies to ensure inclusivity is a fundamental aspect of everything I do. My work as Women’s Officer will be guided by the wants and needs of those at our University. I will ensure that any feedback is communicated to SUSU in order to represent our student population and foster real change! 

At the heart of my campaign is collaboration with local stakeholders outside of the University, particularly the local council with whom I have previously attended events to raise awareness about women’s issues. If elected, I will further build this relationship to ensure that women at our University are represented in local government and at the center of all policy decisions. 

Finally, I will ensure that Women’s History Month is a significant event in our University calendar, by organizing exciting events to strengthen our community and celebrate what it is to be a woman! This will include inspiring talks, coffee chats and interactive activities to give students the opportunity to share their stories and meet new people. 

For real, inclusive change at our University, vote for Lorna! 

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

How will you make sure women's voices are heard at SUSU?

I will report back opinions and concerns to the VP for Welfare to collaboratively make a plan for change!

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What exciting events are you planning for Women's History Month?

Last year, I planned a Women's Coffee and Chat Event at the Bridge and a Women in Politics talk with Lorna Fielker! Events that I plan this year will depend on the SUSU theme for Women's History Month and feedback I get from students. I would love to run more Coffee and Chat events to get women talking about their experiences at University!

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What will you do to make sure trans women are safe, welcome, and included at the university?

I aim to make an educational video on the SUSU Instagram page about LGBTQ+ discrimination, inclusivity and being an active bystander. I also want to create a map of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Making sure trans-women feel safe and included is so important and I would love further feedback on what change trans women would like to see!

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