Oliver Picken

Candidate for Music Department President

Photo of Oliver Picken

Key Points

  • Create opportunities for professional networking within the department
  • Mid-semester and end of year feedback for all modules
  • Explore the opportunity to hold workshops with Turner Sims artists
  • Listen to student concerns and act on feedback
  • Represent the academic interests of music students in department meetings

Why vote for Oliver Picken?

Hello, my name is Oliver and am a second year undergraduate Music student. I am running to be your Music Department President.

For the past year, I have served as the librarian, welfare officer and assistant conductor of Southampton University Brass Band, developing important skills needed for this role. I am organised and punctual, and able to hold my own leading groups of people or chairing meetings. I am always approachable and willing to listen to any problems you may have, whether they are academic or personal, and as Department President I would be able to relay these issues to staff in the department where applicable. 

As Music Department President, I would be keen to explore areas in which the academic experience of music students can be enhanced. Networking is very important in the wider music industry, which is why I would like to explore ways in which students can meet and collaborate with musicians who they may not have come across before in different years or courses (eg. Postgrad students). I would also ensure that student feedback on modules is always collected, is signposted clearly and is reflected upon after the module is over, as well as work to see if there is scope to hold more frequent guest talks from professional musicians visiting Turner Sims.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you see me around on campus, or in a rehearsal : )