Ryan Huynh

Candidate for Business School President

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Key Points

  • Advocate for inclusivity and mental health
  • Encourage recognising, calling out, and stopping microaggression
  • Respect everyone's identity and pronouns
  • Provide free menstrual products in both women's AND men's toilets
  • Create a safe space and provide support SBS students deserve

Why vote for Ryan Huynh?

In the professional world, as a cisgender man, I have my privileges, but as a gay Vietnamese man struggling with mental health, I have faced numerous stereotypes and microaggression. I am sure there are countless other students in the Business School, who are on different social intersections, have had similar experiences. With my presidency, I want to advocate for inclusivity and mental health, as they are very real and relevant conversations, yet many people are still being hush-hush about them. Firstly, I want to create a culture of acceptance by encouraging students and staff to educate themselves on recognising, calling out and stopping microaggressions in the school. Secondly, I want to work closely with the Student Hub and SBS to make everyone’s experience at the school a little more pleasant, including respecting everyone’s identity and pronouns, providing free menstrual products in both women’s AND men’s toilets, and creating a safe space – whether online or at the school – for SBS students from marginalised social groups and those struggling with mental health to share their experiences and get the support they deserve. Finally, I believe the best way to becoming more inclusive is to hear directly from the marginalised students; therefore, I want to work with the school to hold regular townhalls to see where we can improve. All in all, I want to be a transformational yet relatable leader and a torchbearer for positive change within SBS. I want everyone to know that they are heard and not alone.

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