Yaviin Jayasoma

Candidate for Mechanical Engineering Department President

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Key Points

  • To ensure effective communication between the faculty and our cohort
  • To encourage participation in activities aimed at improving students’ experiences
  • To ensure our program has the necessary industry requirements (AHEP4)
  • To promote a proficient working relationship with the course reps
  • To ensure the theme choices align with engineering in industry

Why vote for Yaviin Jayasoma?

I believe the main reason voters should select me to continue being the Mechanical Engineering Department for the 2023/2024 Academic Year is that I have ensured that prevalent communication has been maintained and that the SSLCs were operated efficiently in accordance with the agenda so that all the course representatives could express the feedback they had collected to the faculty concisely. Specifically, I always ensured that I was proactive and approachable to those who were new to being a course representative so that they could ask me any queries they had. This allowed them to be aware of what is expected of them, such as the most efficient manner to collect feedback from their cohort to maximise responses. Alongside my responsibility to co-chair the SSLCs and prepare the course representatives for these meetings, I also always attempted to maximise the impact I could have regarding wider program issues that could impact several cohorts, by maintaining strong communication with the other engineering department presidents, Debjyoti Sengupta (Engineering School President) and Emily Bastable (VP of Education). As a result of this hierarchal structure, this role has considerably developed my ability to be responsible for managing a team, whilst reporting to those senior to myself simultaneously. Finally, the main trait that I have developed in this role is the ability to take on board and act upon constructive feedback to improve the positive impact I can have, and I look to continue to develop this and other skills moving forwards.

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