Thasmia Mohamed Aleem Basha

Candidate for Engineering School President

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Key Points

  • Strengthen partnerships with industry professionals, alumni networks, and career services
  • Encourage collaboration between departments to facilitate cross-disciplinary learning
  • Regularly review and act upon student feedback to improve academic experience
  • Making career development opportunities (including networking events and internships) more accessible

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My name is Thasmia and I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering student. As a former course representative and union senator, I am running for the role of school president with a vision to enhance student representation, strengthen university-student relations, and improve the overall student experience.

Your feedback will be of great importance to me as I will regularly review your concerns and immediately act upon them to identify and address areas for improvement. I recognise the importance of career development and hence it is my goal to increase opportunities for you to gain practical experience and industry exposure. Hence, I will push for more networking events, workshops, and internships which will facilitate connections between you and potential employers. Moreover, I will promote school-wide initiatives that will enhance the student experience and create a more inclusive environment for all engineering disciplines. I will also be encourageing increased collaboration between departments, which will facilitate cross-disciplinary learning, leading to a more diverse academic experience.

Thank you

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