Rose Kent

Candidate for Midwifery Department President

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Key Points

  • To advocate for all midwifery students regardless of cohort.
  • Aid lecturers to improve the midwifery degree for future generations
  • Improve discussion between lecturers and students
  • Ensure all student feel represented and able to voice any concerns
  • Improve my own communication skills ahead of joining the workforce

Why vote for Rose Kent?

I would like to be Midwifery Department President as I have been a course rep this year and have enjoyed this role, I've enjoyed the responsibility of representing my cohort, providing feedback and ultimately improving our midwifery degree for future cohorts. However, I would like to take this role a step further and assist in chairing SSLC meetings to ensure student's feedback can make real change. Additionally, I stammer, and being course rep this year has improved my confidence speaking to a multi-disiplinary group, so I would like the oppertunity to better my public speaking skills ahead of entering the midwifery workforce next year. If elected, I will continue my role of gathering feedback and provide direction to the course reps to ensure all students are represented within midwifery. 

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