Chang Lian

Candidate for Vice President Student Communities

  • hard-working
  • passion
  • like making friends
  • positive
  • willing to help people

Why vote for me?

Hello,everyone. I am really interested in  student communities. I had established a society which was call the speech and communication society?providing a platform for association members to communicate with like-mind friends and improve capacity of eloquence in my undergraduate period.

  • Expanded the association from the initial dozens of members developed into thousands members;
  • Organized various activities, invited guests, trained and cultivated members a sense of participation and innovation consciousness;
  • Held, organized and hosted eloquence speeches and a series of activities;
  • Trained and promoted association members Mandarin pronunciation and skills of debating;
  • Organized Holiday Reading Month activities, members exchanged and communicated thought of reading and mutually recommended valuable books.

I have great passion to do the Vice President Student Communities well. Trust me and Vote me.



Chang has not spent any of their budget yet