Olivia Reed

Vice President Sports

Key Points

  • Increase participation in sports
  • Help with societies with club management
  • Increasing publicity of Team Southampton
  • Lobby for expansion of sport funding and facilities
  • Focus on welfare within sport

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Hi, my name’s Olivia. I’m a third year politics student and have been involved in sport at Southampton as a club captain/president, member of the Athletics Union Committee and Sports Participation Committee.

As VP Sports I would like to focus of providing an excellent environment for casual and competitive sport users. I would also seek to address the main barriers to sports participation; notably finance, intimidation and recruitment.


  1. Aiming to increase participation in sports, focusing on encouraging students to engage and try out new sports
    1. Introduce a ‘Sport’s Club of the Week’ initiative andGive it a Go’ campaign to help clubs with recruitment, publicity and opportunity awareness.
    2. Run a ‘Disability Awareness’ campaign and to highlight sporting opportunities for people with disabilities, including invisible disabilities.
    3. Create a Review system for members to rate and recommend societies, allowing society members to help drive recruitment.
    4. Increase the excitement around sport in preparation for the 2020 Olympics and other national and international events.
  1. Help with societies on club management including finances, membership, grant applications and admin.
    1. Making more information available around club management and having specific training for committee members.
    2. Ensure clubs are aware of who to contact and turn to for any questions or concerns.
  1. Increasing publicity of Team Southampton success' and upcoming fixtures to share clubs achievements and events
    1. Have a Sports eNewsletter to share upcoming sporting news and events as well as Team Southampton achievements.
    2. Increase publicity of upcoming events for people to be able to support home games and competitions.
  1. Lobby for expansion of sport funding and facilities, and support the initiation of the current sports strategy to the university
    1. Try to unify the communication and working between SUSU and Sport and Wellbeing.
    2. Continue to review and explore storage options available to clubs and societies.
  1. Focus on welfare within sport, and the welfare benefits provided through sport
    1. Continue to support welfare training for sports representatives and continue to support decreasing initiations and hazing.
    2. Lead a focused Sport & Mental Health campaign
      1. Free sport sessions during exam periods to help alleviate stress
      2. Campaign for Mental Health awareness and the positive role sport has to offer.
  1. Improving social and casual exercise availability
    1. Work with intermural committee to support the IM sports leagues specifically in publicity and costs.
    2. Lobby for more summer sports availability, particularly to support international and postgraduate students
    3. Try to alleviate feelings of intimidation from sport through support initiatives such as an online ‘gym buddies’ platform.
    4. Look at developing a free sports programme at the university including free classes, activities and facilities such as a green gym.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message or check out my Facebook page at www.fb.com/VoteOliviaReed

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