Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

Halls Officer

Key Points

  • Will put on the Freshers' Week of a lifetime!
  • Have fantastic links with clubs to sort out great deals.
  • Events and freebies will be abundant across all Halls.
  • Will ensure all improvement requests are acted upon, however big.
  • Will enhance the current provision for all students in Halls.

I am extremely experienced in taking leading roles and handling large budgets and if elected as Halls Officer, will ensure that the Halls Funding available goes as far as possible to allow everyone in Halls to be able to attend and have events tailored for them, from food nights to quizzes and films, all for free. With a proven track record from my positions as Monte Halls President and a Scout Leader, making change and organising events that people enjoy is a real strength of mine. From a packed Freshers’ Week to lots of Halls deals at clubs, living in Halls will have so many new perks if I am elected. Working with the Halls Committees, Residences, Student Life, Securitas, the University and all its students, I will prioritise the security of sites and laundry facilities as well as building on ways to suggest improvements to Halls and ensuring they are made wherever possible. Equality is very important, and I will make sure that no matter which Halls students are in, they will still have the same opportunities and also that even after students have left Halls, they can still retain links to their own Halls through funded Intramural socials. On the Halls sites, I will ensure events continue to take place throughout the year and that there is much more opportunity to socialise, even after the buzz of Freshers’. Voting for me means voting for a more equal, student-focussed Halls community across all campuses. You won’t regret it!