Deepika Anbu

Medical Society President

Key Points

  • Introduce MedSoc Members Motions to facilitate clear communication with students
  • Increase variety of MedSoc events, including non-drinking events
  • Termly Post-grad event + BM6 Meet and Greet
  • Increase number of academic resources/talks by MedSoc
  • Create a uniform method to relay course rep feedback

I’m Deepika and I want to be your MedSoc President!

Since starting uni I’ve been a first year rep, a member of the charities sub-committee and MedSoc Secretary for 2 years! I’m a keen Gopher and get involved with all our sports events. This year I was in Medics Revue and will also be in MedSoc Monty. I’m a WAMSoc core committee member, whilst being a Near Peer Teacher and helping organise the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition.

My experience has given me insight into where MedSoc are getting it right, and where we can do better.
What I want to do for MedSoc:

> Transparency
Decisions are made using student feedback, but there’s still ambiguity about this. I want to facilitate clear, two way communication via:
- MedSoc’s Members Motions
A new platform for students to discuss ideas for change with MedSoc twice every semester.
- Create a uniform method of relaying Course Rep feedback
> Integration and diversity
MedSoc should ensure unity as a student body, while celebrating our differences. We’re good at this but there’s much room for improvement. I want to introduce that via:
- Increasing variety of MedSoc events, including non-drinking events
- Termly post-grad meet up
- BM6 Meet and Greet
> Academics
It is important that MedSoc supports all our sub-societies. I believe we can do more to encourage academic aspect of students lives. I will do this by:
- Creating a platform for publicising academic events
- More academic resources by MedSoc