Juliette Nunn

Intra-Mural Officer

Key Points

  • Promote the Fun of Sports
  • Ensuring the Development of Intra-mural
  • Inclusive of all
  • Leadership Experience
  • In-depth Sports Knowledge

I believe I am a strong candidate for this position due to my experience within intramural sports, captaining, training and organising for multiple teams in multiple leagues of netball. I believe intramural deserves as much respect as other AU sports and I am plan to promote membership and development for all teams in all sports within the universities intramural structure. Intramural is a vital part of sports within Southampton University and I wish to encourage its growth. I aim to do this by increasing awareness in events such as IM bunfight and by making intramural more accessible to a wider range of people; not just freshers but also older students who may be unaware of it. I plan on being the first point of contact for sports sectaries of all teams in order to see what vitally needs to be improved. Also, a key focus will be on encouraging training in umpiring/refereeing in order to improve intramural’s interdependent structure. Primarily, intramural sports should be fun, and this is something I hope to promote. Joining intramural netball teams has been a vital part of my time at university, bringing with it not only engagement with sport but also a large social aspect; I hope to encourage as many people as possible to experience this. I believe I am capable of fulfilling this role from my ample experience as social secretary and also my position as a captain and coach.