Chloe King

BAME Officer

Key Points

  • As ACS president, I have experience working with minority groups.
  • Being a minority student, I can relate to BAME issues.
  • My connections to BAME societies will help me create community.
  • I am currently working towards increasing diversity within the curriculum.
  • I believe BAME events deserve more recognition at the university.

Advocating for BAME individuals is important for me, as I will be able to relate to the changes I hope to bring about in this university from a personal, first hand perspective. I believe that being an underrepresented individual at university is an inexcusable reason to be unequally represented or unheard in events or changes induced by the student union. Hence why I have been involved in representing BAME individuals as ACS president, on UNITY101 radio as a student ambassador, on the panel for ‘Is the curriculum diverse?’, by working alongside SUSU to try and implement diversity into the University curriculum and more…

My goal is to have a voice loud enough to represent BAME students in their feedback and voice their concerns so that they could have an equally enjoyable and pleasant experience at university. Whether an international student or from the UK, I believe that there should be a smooth transition for BAME students when they arrive by providing a clear online and physical community for freshers, undergraduates and post-graduates. In order to achieve this, I aim to be in close contact with BAME related societies to work towards creating a wider community. I also aim to network with BAME alumni to provide more support and opportunities for the current students. Finally, I aspire to create more interactive BAME related social events throughout the year and for special occasions such as Black History Month to openly represent more diversity at the university.