Fleur MacInnes

Vice President Welfare and Community

Key Points

  • Demystifying Access to Student Mental Health Resources- Working to Destigmatise
  • Combat Sexual Assault through Education and Safeguarding Systems on Campus
  • Improved Visibility of Diverse Commemoration Periods, like Trans Awareness Week
  • Promote Sustainability through Student Led Initiatives and Eco-friendly Partnerships
  • Dedicated Mental Health Support System for Postgraduates

 Hi there! I’m Fleur and I want to be your new VP Welfare and Community!

As your Equality and Diversity Officer for 18/19, I’ve experienced working with both VP Welfare and VP Student Communities, and within multiple student zones. This is why I believe I would make your ideal VP Welfare and Community.

I will endeavour to:



  • Create a leaflet for students about the mental health resources available in Southampton,how to access these, and information about waiting times
  • Clearer information about how to utilise enabling services, apply for special considerations, etc
  • Establish a mental health support system specifically for postgraduates by creating a working group with the postgraduate committee and University
  • Pair “You Are More Than” events with SUSU initiatives to help students throughout the entire academic year- not just exam periods (including more support to students on placement)
  • Improving resources for sexual assault survivors on campus

I was diagnosed with Bipolar-II in my first year, with no idea what support was available to me. This shouldn’t be the norm- students should be provided with information on how to get help before things get bad, not forced to search for it once they’ve hit rock bottom.



  • Ensure all social media content provided by SUSU affiliated societies are accessible for people with disabilities
  • Ensure sustainable initiatives are not introduced at the cost of disabled students
  • Improve visibility of commemoration periods, such as Trans Awareness Week and Black History Month
  • Training sessions for society committees about the importance of inclusive language
  • All toilets on all campuses to provide sanitary bins regardless of gender
  • Push the University to provide more gender-neutral toilets


  • More support for student parents, regardless of age, e.g. making SUSU events more child friendly
  • Work with VP-Activities and International Officer to improve engagement for international students in clubs and societies 
  • More SUSU events to be available for all students (medics, nurses, etc)
  • Fight for longer opening hours in SUSU spaces during “vacation period” (which it isn’t for postgraduates, students on placement, etc) 
  • Work on different sites (WSA, SGH) every week, ensuring I am approachable to all students- not just those on Highfield

I don’t agree with the term ‘hard-to-reach-students’- The Union just needs to improve at being more inclusive to all student groups.


  • Introduce “How Do I Get Home?” pack - a resource for students providing walking and public transportation routes around Southampton and Winchester
  • Increase support for housing, particularly for international students, students returning from year abroads or year in placements 
  • Introduce safeguarding system for students on nights’ out



  • Pressure the University to make sustainable changes (turn the lights off at night!?!) 
  • Create partnerships with eco-friendly, sustainable, local businesses
  • Introduce an initiative encouraging students to donate unwanted household appliances (toasters, kettles, microwaves, etc)

Let’s make a change we can be proud of.


Keep up with my campaign at fb.me/Fleur4WelfareCommunity

Any questions?

Ask me on Twitter @infleurtile and remember to

Vote Fleur #1 for VP Welfare and Community! #IPreferFleur