Brodie Brown

Women Officer

Key Points

  • More services for Trans women on campus
  • A focus on mental health all year
  • More awareness of sexual health
  • Services to feel safer when it's dark
  • Promotion of events that empower women

Like Maya Angelou, I hold the belief that “Each time a woman stands up for herself [...] she stands up for all women.” I aim to use my privilege as a cis, white, able-bodied woman to speak out for and actively pursue change of certain issues that affect ALL women on campus. My passion for supporting the emancipation of women is not only shown through my role on the committee of FemSoc, but also through my application to become the Women’s Officer of SUSU. For instance, mental health is a key topic that should be emphasised all year round, to ensure that those who feel targeted by discrimination and hardships can feel a sense of support. I hope to be seen as a way of representing the LGBTQ+ community, by promoting events that may support certain charities or causes. One of my biggest concerns for female uni students is that there is a level of unsafety surrounding walking to and from lectures at later times in the day. The fact that women have to even face this problem, whilst male students may not have to worry about this struggle, shows how action needs to be taken. Whilst it may be hard to get more lights installed, forming a system where women can walk in a larger group of those from the same area  could reduce this concern. I hope that I will be chosen to work to represent women of all backgrounds and identities on campus.