Guna Govindu

International Officer

Key Points

  • Would be transparent to both the students and university
  • Will be honest and maintain healthy relationships with everyone.
  • Will be accountable to the activities and duties.
  • Do not under any conflicts and hurt any-others feelings.
  • Will be responsible for the deeds as a representative.

Hello guys,

I am Guna Shekar an international student with a zeal to participate in the academic activities. You might be wondering to see my name in both of the roles. That’s just because I am interested in both of them. I know it is too heavy to bare the responsibilities of both at the same time. But I am confident that I can handle both of them. I had past experience of the student representative , as  volunteer and as an organiser through which I can do well in the role.  As, I have revealed everything in the previous role, I don’t want to say anything more about it and make you bored of reading the long passages. I hope you will decide the best to you and dedicate your valuable vote to me.

Thank you,

Guna Shekar Govindu.