Giulia Sanchez Chicoma

Nursing Department President

Key Points

  • Empower student initiatives
  • Enhance representation of all students
  • Continue to develop a strong community of UoS nursing
  • Be a proactive, present point of contact
  • Positive change

#hellomynameis Giulia Sanchez, I’m a first-year adult and child field student nurse. With the role of Nursing Department President, I would love to contribute to our community of UoSNursing. While I’m new to the university, I have lots of experience developing strong working relationships and helping people to develop useful connections from my time as a Nursing Year-Representative for WessexCCP. This has instilled a passion in me for helping students collect ideas and create open, productive communication between students and staff.

I believe that my predecessors have developed an amazing community of nursing students at the University and I’m excited to help that continue to grow and reach all students, helping each other to reach our potentials. I hope that through this role, we can further develop our community to ensure that all students are represented and feeling included in nursing activities, academic and social. In addition, I have benefited from the support of students in higher years, and I would like to further develop these peer support networks.

I want to help our University to be a space where we can come together, supporting each other to create new, interesting learning opportunities. I have already started working towards this aim by beginning an Inspiring Nursing Network with some of my peers to deliver lectures and workshops that will promote nursing careers. I truly love our university, and my greatest wish upon being elected is to be someone that you feel comfortable approaching to help every way I can.