Kiera Spencer-Hayles

Vice President Sports

Key Points

  • Giving recognition and a community everyone deserves
  • Improving participation for all communities
  • Improvement in all sporting facilties particularly in halls
  • Creating a Team Southampton App
  • Celebrate achievements of all athletes both intermural and competitive

My focus for wanting to become VP Sports is giving everyone within the sporting community at the university the recognition and community they deserve. As a current president of a sporting society, I have been working alongside the union to try to bring sports to everyone and if elected VP Sport, I will continue to do so by improving participation to all sports clubs for LBGTQ+, BAME as well as disabilities and continuing to push the important message of inclusivity within sport. Whilst continuing to spread the message of inclusivity, I want to be able to,using the correct training, look into combatting microaggression within sports; as this is not a well educated topic amongst teams and is an issue which has gone under the radar for far too long.

I want to lobby for the improvement of all sporting facilities allowing all students, no matter the location, the high quality that is provided at Jubilee and Mayflower gyms. Celebrating our athletes is very important to me, not only women in sports but BAME, disabilities and the LBGTQ+ communities as well. I would love to see, not only the competitive teams being recognised, but I want to celebrate those who partake in intermural teams and all of their sporting achievements.

As an IT student with experience with application development, I want to work alongside a team with app development experience to create a Team Southampton app that will allow all sports societies to view BUCS fixtures and results as well as other events, record team achievements and training schedules, ensure promotion of clubs with contact details and give students alternatives if they want to join in with a sport but not sure if the competitive side is for them.

I want to see more recognition for all sports societies for when they are going above and beyond what is asked of them with a reward/point system when a club is showing development and engagement within the university and wider community with this as only select few sport societies are doing this currently but aren’t receiving the true recognition that they deserve.