Anna Stausberg

Psychology School President

I am passionate about psychology and everyone’s wellbeing - so passionate that I did not go back to my home country during summer but stayed in the UK and volunteered for the NHS alongside sitting on a committee to improve online teaching at the University of Southampton. 

Through forming social bubbles with the first years I have made sure everyone can make the most out of their time, even with a pandemic happening. 

I was awarded rep of the month last year with the school of psychologies president commenting:

"Anna provides a unique perspective as an international student, and always makes an effort to ensure she gets the most representative view of her cohort by speaking to as many people as possible.
Anna has proven to be a dependable presence who can always be trusted to complete tasks to the highest of her ability and works to solve issues that arise in a timely and efficient manner. She is an enthusiastic and steadfast presence within the School of Psychology..."

The School of Psychology has a special place in my heart. Since the second I started at university I have been engaged within the school and the union in order to ensure everyone is heard. I would be honoured to continue this work and make everyone feel safe and welcomed within our community.