Anna Stausberg

Joint Honours Officer

As a BSc psychology with law student I have experienced difficulties most joint honours students will encounter at the University of Southampton: how are we supposed to be part of more than one faculty and feel included?

From a personal experience is it also hard to get mutual amount of help and advice as straight honours students do. Formatting’s and expectations on coursework and exams might be completely different for the faculties but due to not studying one course full time you miss out on help. It is, for example, difficult to write a legal essay with a background of scientific writing. 

Further, lack of awareness about these issues makes it harder to find help. However, as a previous senator, course representative and student panel discussion board member of how to improve online learning within the university, I have already worked towards highlighting issues related to joint honours courses. 

Especially during such a challenging time we are in at the moment is it important to make positive changes and further evolve. 

As a Joint Honours Officer, I would like to make a difference for everyone.