Christoforos Pais

Enterprise Officer

  I have some relevant experience for this role as the treasurer of the Greek & Cypriot society. I gained some knowledge of financing projects and managing money. Moreover, I was responsible to negotiate with potential sponsors and as a result, I managed to enhance my communication and fundraising skills needed for the role. I have strong communication skills that will help me to commute and promote the benefits of student enterprise to the wider student population. I am a team-oriented person who enjoys mentoring others in the team and achieving results through collective expertise.

   From a very young age, I chose to focus on accounting which influenced the path to study Accounting & Finance. I believe I can use my major's knowledge to help students conduct some valuations and market sizing research to identify business trends and project the success of their products and startups.

   I am motivated to support the initiative on behalf of our university to create an equal opportunity for diverse talented entrepreneurs to deliver their innovative ideas. As a result, altogether we will achieve a better and more equal society by accelerating sustainable economic growth.

   In these hard times of the pandemic, I believe innovation and entrepreneurship need to be supported more than ever to find the most effective solutions for our future. Indeed, the connection of multidimensional thinking of the entrepreneurs, investors, and start-up experts will provide a fostering environment for ideas to thrive and excel.