Jaden King

Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

Key Points

  • Bring back modules that were lost earlier in the pandemic.
  • Assist in 'special consideration' applications due to recent disruption.
  • A full return to face-to-face teaching as soon as possible.
  • Raise academic concerns with staff as soon as they arise.
  • Always be on hand to listen to problems, academic or pastoral.

Having been an Academic Representative since my first term at Southampton, I have come to speak to many students about issues that they face on their courses. Many, like myself, are concerned about the reduction in module choices due to the pandemic and would like to see the wide-range of modules return. I aim to achieve this return of modules, where desired. 

As a result of the considerable disruption caused this year, many students will be concerned about academic attainment. The University has ruled against a ‘no detriment’ policy for students, so we now have to find other ways to achieve the best results possible. I will be at the forefront of helping students achieve the best academic results they can. 

As we progress into 2021 and the roll out of the vaccine starts to take effect, the University should recognise the importance of returning to more face-to-face teaching. This is the best way to engage in debate and conversation, which is central to the humanities subjects. I will help students return fully to the classroom and lecture theatre as soon as safely possible. 

Communication between students and the University is incredibly important. I will always be on hand to listen to your academic concerns, whatever they may be, and pass them onto senior tutors and others where necessary. I am also happy to talk about other issues, such as mental health or pastoral issues. Just send me an email (jwk1g20@soton.ac.uk),or talk to me when we’re back on campus again!