Rishi-Nayan 'Rishi' Varodaria

Student Trustee

Key Points

  • Extensive experience as a trustee within other organisations like Scouting.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of SUSU.
  • Eager to have continued involvement in the core decision-making process.
  • Want to ensure clear and transparent communication to all students.
  • Intent on promoting equality and inclusivity in all SUSU's work.

I'm Rishi, a Civil Engineering Undergraduate and I have been heavily involved with the Students' Union during my time at the university, including as a Student Trustee over the past year. I feel that I am well placed to continue as a Student Trustee and would carry out the role with diligence, passion and commitment, ensuring the Student Voice is heard and represented in all aspects of governance within SUSU.

I have vast experience as a Trustee from Scouting as well as SUSU and would carry out the role with competence and understanding, as evidenced over the past year. I have also held and currently hold committee roles within volunteering and academic societies and have had considerable involvement with SUSU’s areas of work in my capacities as Monte Halls President and subsequently Halls Officer.

Further work on equal opportunities and inclusivity are central parts of what I would bring to SUSU if elected and I would endeavour to improve the communication of financial and strategic decisions from all parts of SUSU so that they are understood and known by every individual within our community.

A vote for me is a vote for a trustworthy representative for yourself within SUSU with a proven track record and a willingness to get stuck in with the Union’s processes and decision-making.

Thank you!