Rosemary Champion

Sociology, Social Policy and Crimonology Department President

Throughout my second year of studying Criminology, I have been involved in giving student feedback to the SSPC department, and liaising between staff and students. I'm determined to take on more responsibility to make positive changes to the department to better the experience of other students.

As an approachable and friendly person, I would be so happy to represent how other students are feeling and suggest any changes that people feel are needed. One major factor that would help me in this role is my time-management and organisation skills. Balancing volunteering with my studies and ensuring I am giving my most to both of them without burning out has been something I have really improved on over the last year.

I would really appreciate this opportunity to work on my leadership skills, and be someone that other academic reps and students in SSPC can talk to.

One transition I have in mind is helping people feel more comfortable about returning to in person lectures and tutorials, and making sure their concerns of health and safety are satisfied. As a third year embarking on the challenge of the dissertation, I will also focus on talking to fellow third years and making sure their voices are heard with regards specific to dissertation help.