Corin Holloway

Student Trustee

Vote me for trustee, but more importantly, you should make friends by joining societies!
Hi, if you want to have a good time and make friends, you should join societies. There are so many great ones who would be genuinely happy for you to join. There are so many to choose from. You can find all of them here:

I'm passionate about sustainability; Some ones I really enjoy are:

Conservation Volunteers - We go out every Sunday and perform a different conservation task such as litter picking, copicing, invasive species removal. We do most tasks locally in places like the common, in Itchen Valley, Chilworth Conservation Area and Sholing Valley. Plus some weekend residential tasks in places such as Brownsea island. Email to join the mailing list

Extinction Rebellion - We do non-violent direct action targeted at the government and corporations. The climate and ecological crisis is horrific and XR is one of the few things which give me hope that we can overcome it. After 10 days of sustained protest in London in April 2019, Parliament declared that we are in a climate emergency and changed their emission target from 80% reduction by 2050 to net zero by 2050. This is an important change, but not enough to avoid a catastrophe. Join the XR facebook page to join in 

Circus society - We meet up and teach eachother different circus tricks. I used to think I'd never be able to juggle, because of bad hand-eye coordination, but then someone went through it with me and taught me and now I can without thinking. It's lots of fun and now I can impress people with sick tricks and it gives me something to do while watching TV or online lectures. In normal times, we meet Mondays 8:30 in The Cube. Join our facebook group 

Folk society - We meet up and play tunes together. I'd not played music with others before, but folksoc is very beginner friendly and wrong notes are just part of the harmony. We do ceilidhs (barn dances) which also have no requirement of knowing how to dance, but are a lot of fun too. We meet Mondays 8:00 on Google Meet. Join our fb group to join in 

Hillwalking Club - take a train to somewhere in the countryside. Walk with people and have a chat while you walk. A great way to see The New Forest, South Downs and other semi-local areas. Plus weekend camping trips further afield. Join the mailing list by getting free membership 

BioCycle - We attach trailers to our bicycles and collect food waste from people's houses and take it to be composted or anaerobically digested. Part of Southampton Hub, which has a range of volunteering opportunities around supporting young people. 

Societies have made me love my time at University and the people arewhatmakethem, so I'd love for you to join too, make friends and have fun.