Daisy McDonnell Owens

Midwifery Department President

My name is Daisy and I am a second-year student midwife. I would be privileged to be midwifery department president. I am approachable, confident and friendly and I aim to be an active voice for my peers. I believe peer to peer support in this environment can be essential to our continuing passion and positivity for what can seem to be a demanding course.

I hope to give everyone the opportunity to have their concerns heard. This year has been a particularly difficult year to be a student midwife. Our training was dramatically disrupted and as a result there are a lot of questions being raised. I believe that I have the skills and experience to present these concerns and feedback solutions to my cohort.

In my previous career, as a children’s home manager, I had a complete open-door policy. Staff and young people were able to discuss matters freely with me and I pride myself on being approachable and an active listener. I believe that problem solving needs to consist of proactive measures and I enjoy working with others to encourage solutions.

My aims

· Regular opportunities for my peers to voice their issues

· Provide timely feedback to my cohort

· Be discreet when appropriate- enabling others to put their trust in me

· Be a voice for those experiencing difficulties as a result of these extreme times

· Provide constructive feedback to faculty as appropriate