Charlotte Colombo

Wessex Scene Editor

Key Points

  • Two years on committee and various media work experience.
  • More community engagement and field journalism.
  • Increasing Wessex Scene‚Äôs representation across the University.
  • Themed magazines on serious issues like human rights.
  • Encourage diversity and representation with writers and content.

Wessex Scene has profoundly impacted my life, and as Editor I want to give back.


  • Two years on Wessex Scene committee as Opinion and Politics Editor.
  • Work experience with: The Week, Dorset Echo and Northern & Shell Media Group.
  • 6 months as Editorial Assistant for local start-up publication Tru.
  • Assistant judge for awards ceremony ran by the Society of Professional Journalists in the US.
  • Active writer for several publications.


  • Continue with topical magazines i.e. a human rights-dedicated issue to tie in with Human Rights Day in December and to utilize our Human Rights Training by SPA
  • More engagement with local issues with features, liveblogs and interviews.
  • Continuing with student surveys and investigations into the university and Union.
  • Diversity: encouraging contributions from and collaborations with marginalised individuals and groups to become a more representative publication.


  • Increasing Wessex Scene’s representation at halls and other campuses with distribution days, socials, increased availability of magazines and a committee position dedicated to outreach.
  • Utilising social media platforms and features to be more interactive.
  • Incentivisation: competitions for the audience and awards for contributors.
  • Utilize Union/society connections for more collaborations.
  • More socials for contributors to give a more community feeling.


  • An #AskWessexScene social media feature for questions related to employability and careers in media.
  • Increasing connections with Wessex Scene/Edge alumni by inviting them back to the university to talk about the industry and their post-graduate experiences.