Jack Nash

The Edge Editor

Key Points

  • Maintain the high standard and variety of articles in the magazine & website
  • Provide networking opportunities with other writers and industry professionals
  • Develop the online presence of the magazine
  • Boost content output between print issues
  • Increasing the size of the writer base

My name’s Jack, the current Online Manager and long-time writer for The Edge magazine, and I'm running to be the next Editor. I think I'm a great fit for the role as I have knowledge of how the magazine works, to help the rest of committee in stressful times and helping the writers have their work published, either online or immortalised in print. I also love all kinds of entertainment (hence I’ve written for all the sections) and It's so exciting to see what talent the writers have and what they can bring to The Edge.

The Edge is already a quality publication; however, I strive for more. There are times of the year (usually between print issues), where articles are few and far between. I want to change this, by adding a new area to the website, which revolves around a theme (such as Love around Valentines, or War around Armistice Day) which includes content from all of the sections of The Edge. This means that there will always be something for writers to cover.

A key asset of The Edge that is underused is its graduates, many of which have gone on into journalism, media and publishing. It would be great to get alumni to come back and run workshops with relevant employers to let writers gain a greater understanding of what the opportunities are out there. I would also collaborate with and further strengthen our ties with the other media societies to make it a successful year.