William Hough

Surge Radio Station Manager

Key Points

  • Increase and improve opportunities for member engagement and development.
  • Foster stronger cross-media collaboration.
  • Redefining and tweaking committee positions.
  • Strong mangement experience.
  • Deep knowledge of Surge and its inner workings.

Recently, Surge has grown into an excellent radio station. However, we could do better to refocus ourselves as more of a student society, as well as a broadcasting hub. To that end, I propose to reach this via a few different methods:

Increase and improve opportunities for member engagement.

Currently, we offer little personal development for our members, encouraging and facilitating training sessions where members, committee and professionals can share abilities with Surge would help everyone to leave with a strong set of broadcasting skills.    

Foster stronger cross-media collaboration.

As a student station we are in a unique position where we have access to student media. The Sounds of SUSU collaboration with SUSUtv are a great step forward, but we can improve this by branching out to The EDGE and the Wessex Scene to further broaden opportunities for our members. For example, using our teams to complement relevant events, as our current Sports Head is doing by working with the Wessex Scene to attach Surge interviews to Wessex Scene articles during varsity.

Redefining and tweaking committee positions.

The current committee structure has a long legacy, but it can be improved. At the moment some positions require multiple completely different skill sets to operate, and others require short bursts of intense work, rather than the ongoing low level that works best alongside studies. For example, splitting the Tech Manager role into a Maintenance Manager and an Innovation Manager, as these two aspects of the tech role require totally different skills.