Grant Allocations

SUSU has over 400 affiliated Clubs and Societies, offering an incredible range of activities, events and support to students whilst they are at University.

To help support their aims, SUSU typically provides grants totalling in the region of £300,000 in each academic year. Often this will be for equipment, coaches, instructors or entry fees. It is also worth noting that we receive applications for almost five times this amount across the three grant rounds.

We apply funding criteria to all the applications to determine how to award the funds. To find more about this criteria, and funding in general, please visit the Funding How To Guide

In addition to the grants listed below, the Union also supplies separate budgets to our Union Groups (MedSoc; Performing Arts; RAG; Union Films), funding for the University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) students, and supports British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) league entry fees and annual affiliation.

Spring 2022-2023

Grant TitleClub/SocietyAwarded (£)
Funding for African and Caribbean Society - January 2023 - Careers conference, the running of multiple sports teams ,boat ball, coahes for group trip to portsmouth uni collaboration and other events African and Caribbean Society 350.60
Funding for Archery - January 2023Archery449.99
Funding for Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS) - January 2023Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS)56.29
Funding for Athletics & Cross Country - January 2023Athletics & Cross Country2,281.25
Funding for Badminton (Colours) - December 2022Badminton (Colours)1,304.50
Funding for Ballet Society - January 2023Ballet Society270.00
SUBLDS Funding Round 2 - TuitionBallroom and Latin Dance Society695.00
Funding for Bar Society - January 2023Bar Society 350.00
Funding for Basketball - January 2023Basketball100.00
Funding for Beekeeping Society - January 2023Beekeeping Society519.29
Funding for Black Women's Project - January 2023Black Women's Project279.65
Funding for Boat (Rowing) - January 2023Boat (Rowing)1,591.96
Funding for Brass Band - January 2023Brass Band500.00
Funding for Cameroon Catalyst - January 2023Cameroon Catalyst420.00
Funding for Campus Collective - January 2023Campus Collective61.50
Funding for Canadian Law Society - January 2023Canadian Law Society175.00
Funding for Canoe - January 2023Canoe579.95
Funding for Canoe Polo - January 2023Canoe Polo384.00
Funding for Caving - January 2023Caving490.35
SUCC Sheet Music Funding Support Request - January 2023Chamber Choir120.40
Funding for Cheerleading - Vixens - January 2023Cheerleading - Vixens2,825.00
Funding for Chess - BUCA Entry - January 2023Chess110.00
Funding for Circus Society - January 2023Circus Society65.00
Funding for Civil Engineering Society - January 2023Civil Engineering Society200.00
Instrument InsuranceConcert Band206.13
Funding for Cricket (Ladies) - December 2022Cricket (Ladies)360.00
Funding for Cricket (Mens) - January 2023Cricket (Mens)871.04
Funding for Dodgeball - January 2023Dodgeball173.28
Funding for Empower - January 2023Empower1,489.99
Funding for Enactus Southampton - January 2023Enactus Southampton158.15
Funding for Engineering Society - January 2023Engineering Society264.53
Funding for Environmental Science Student Society - January 2023Environmental Science Student Society260.00
Funding for Fencing - Grant Round 2 - January 2023Fencing800.00
Funding for Football (Ladies) - January 2023Football (Ladies)182.85
Funding for Football (Mens) - January 2023Football (Mens)2,036.04
Funding for Futsal - January 2023Futsal100.00
Funding for Gliding - January 2023Gliding1,735.00
Funding for Golf - January 2023Golf420.00
Funding for a Spring Tour for the Guild of Change RingersGuild of Change Ringers130.00
Funding for Gymnastics - January 2023Gymnastics942.50
Funding for Hockey (Ladies) - January 2023Hockey (Ladies)2,147.00
Funding for Hockey (Mens) - January 2023Hockey (Mens)1,000.00
Round 1 and 2 Funding for Ice and Inline Hockey - January 2023Ice and Inline Hockey3,260.00
Funding for Indian Society - APNA 2023Indian Society1,000.00
Funding for Irish Dance Society - January 2023Irish Dance Society450.00
Concert Band and Jazz Band Tour 2023Jazz Band1,360.00
Funding for Jazz Dance - January 2023Jazz Dance580.00
Funding for Jazzmanix - January 2023Jazzmanix500.00
Funding for Jiu-Jitsu - January 2023Jiu-Jitsu650.00
Funding for Kendo - January 2023Kendo235.00
Funding for Kickboxing - December 2022Kickboxing300.00
Funding for Kingdom Movement (KM) - January 2023Kingdom Movement (KM)479.98
Funding for Korfball - January 2023Korfball460.00
Funding for Labour Society - January 2023Labour Society1,173.80
Funding for Lacrosse (Men's) - January 2023Lacrosse (Men's)53.17
Funding for LGBTQ+ pin badgesLGBTQ+ Society95.00
Funding for Live Music Society - December 2022Live Music Society450.00
Funding for Malayali Society - January 2023Malayali Society77.59
Funding for Meditation Society - January 2023Meditation Society230.00
Funding for Middle Eastern & North African Society - January 2023Middle Eastern & North African Society197.18
Grant Application for ScotMUN 2023 Delegate FeesModel United Nations825.00
Funding for Netball - January 2023Netball1,247.00
Funding for Occupational Therapy Society - January 2023Occupational Therapy Society400.00
Funding for Olympic Weightlifting - January 2023Olympic Weightlifting822.70
Funding for Pakistan Society - January 2023Pakistan Society220.00
Teaching expenses - January 2023Persian Dance Society276.00
Funding for Physiotherapy Society - January 2023Physiotherapy Society1,172.00
Funding for Pottery Society - January 2023Pottery Society450.00
Funding for Powerlifting - January 2023Powerlifting1,793.80
Funding for Punjabi Society - December 2022Punjabi Society200.00
Funding for Quidditch - January 2023Quidditch257.50
Funding for Road Cycling - January 2023Road Cycling431.95
Funding for Roundnet Spikeball - January 2023Roundnet Spikeball278.00
Funding for Rugby (Mens) - January 2023Rugby (Mens)1,665.00
Funding for Rugby (Women's) - January 2023Rugby (Women's)250.00
Funding for Southampton University Sailing Club - January 2023Sailing Club4,606.50
Funding for Salsa Society - January 2023Salsa Society540.00
Funding for Showstoppers - January 2023Showstoppers900.00
Funding for Sinfonietta - January 2023Sinfonietta732.00
Funding for Skydive - December 2022Skydive450.00
Funding for Snooker and Pool - January 2023Snooker and Pool2,700.00
Funding for Soapbox Racing - January 2023Soapbox Racing165.91
Funding for Southampton Swing Dancers - January 2023Southampton Swing Dancers300.00
Funding for Squash - January 2023Squash762.50
Funding for Stage Technicians' Society - January 2023Stage Technicians' Society369.00
Funding for Surf - January 2023Surf574.98
Funding for Swimming - January 2023Swimming1,320.57
Funding for Symphonic Wind Orchestra - January 2023Symphonic Wind Orchestra700.00
Funding for Symphony Orchestra - December 2022Symphony Orchestra1,160.00
Funding for Table Tennis - January 2023Table Tennis285.25
SUTKD Semester 2 Funding for Spring BUCs anf ITF KitTaekwondo2,987.50
Funding for Tamil Society - January 2023Tamil Society209.28
Funding for Tap Dance & Tap shoes - January 2023Tap Dance392.22
Funding for Team Southampton Motorsport - January 2023Team Southampton Motorsport2,340.00
Funding for Tennis - January 2023Tennis815.20
Funding for The Edge - January 2023The Edge1,096.88
Funding for Theatre Group - January 2023Theatre Group1,000.00
Funding for Touch Rugby - January 2023Touch Rugby500.00
Funding for Trampolining - January 2023Trampolining1,312.00
Funding for Triathlon - January 2023Triathlon1,045.00
Funding for Ultimate Frisbee - January 2023Ultimate Frisbee1,261.25
Funding for Union Southampton Dance - January 2023Union Southampton Dance5,050.00
Funding for Video Games & Esports Society - January 2023Video Games & Esports Society420.00
Funding for Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing - January 2023Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing260.00
Funding for Water Polo - January 2023 - Coaching, Training and Match EquipementWater Polo584.00
Funding for Widening Access to Medicine Southampton - January 2023Widening Access to Medicine Southampton180.00
Funding for Wildlife Society - January 2023Wildlife Society360.00
Funding for Windsurfing - January 2023Windsurfing992.00
Funding for Zumba+ - January 2023Zumba+ 340.00

In total £86,008.95 was awarded in this grant round to 109 clubs and societies

Autumn 2022-2023

Grant TitleClub/SocietyAwarded (£)
Funding for ACS Black History Month Ball & other semester 1 activities - September 2022African and Caribbean Society 500.00
Funding for Aikido - September 2022Aikido1,200.00
Funding for Airsoft - September 2022Airsoft300.00
Funding for American Football - September 2022American Football8,250.00
Funding for Archery - September 2022Archery5,910.29
Funding for Asian Cultural Society Sports Teams - September 2022Asian Cultural Society317.00
Additional Badminton shuttlecocks for ABACUSAssociation of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS)100.99
Funding for Athletics & Cross Country - September 2022Athletics & Cross Country3,718.50
Funding for Badminton (Colours) - September 2022Badminton (Colours)3,668.00
Funding for Recbad Eagles wingBadminton (Recreational)989.55
Funding for Ballet Society - September 2022- TuitionBallet Society330.00
Funding for Ballroom and Latin Dance Society - September 2022Ballroom and Latin Dance Society440.00
Funding for Baseball and Softball - September 2022Baseball and Softball1,272.44
Basketball BUCS Funding Basketball6,716.00
Funding for Boat (Rowing) - August 2022Boat (Rowing)8,000.00
Funding for Boxing - August 2022Boxing2,000.00
Funding for Brass Band - September 2022Brass Band200.00
Funding for Cameroon Catalyst - September 2022Cameroon Catalyst60.00
Funding for Canadian Law Society - September 2022Canadian Law Society10.99
Funding for Canoe - September 2022Canoe4,344.50
Funding for Canoe Polo - September 2022Canoe Polo800.00
Funding for Capoeira - September 2022Capoeira250.00
Funding for Caving - September 2022Caving2,169.33
2022/2023 Operating Costs & Preservation FundingChamber Choir1,220.00
Funding for Cheerleading - Vixens - September 2022Cheerleading - Vixens4,373.00
Funding for Chemistry Society - September 2022Chemistry Society402.00
Funding for Civil Engineering Society - August 2022Civil Engineering Society240.00
Funding for Clay Pigeon Shooting - September 2022Clay Pigeon Shooting600.00
Funding for Concert Band - September 2022Concert Band1,540.00
Funding for Conservative Association - September 2022Conservative Association400.00
Funding for Contemporary Dance Society - September 2022 (1. Taster Sessions 2. Squad Costumes 3. Workshop)Contemporary Dance Society487.00
Funding for Cricket (Ladies) - Semester OneCricket (Ladies)608.00
Funding for Cricket (Mens) - September 2022Cricket (Mens)2,799.30
Funding for Cyber Security Society - September 2022Cyber Security Society242.33
Funding for Digital Arts and Gamedev Society - September 2022Digital Arts and Gamedev Society65.00
Funding for Disc Golf (SUDG) - September 2022Disc Golf (SUDG)2,483.00
Funding for Dodgeball - September 2022Dodgeball2,429.84
Funding for Feminist Society - September 2022Feminist Society228.58
Funding for Fencing - Grant Round 1- September 2022Fencing1,996.64
Sports Equipment: Netball Filipino Society140.00
Funding for Football (Ladies) - September 2022Football (Ladies)2,069.73
Intramural DevelopmentFootball (Mens)3,243.21
Funding for Futsal - September 2022Futsal430.00
Funding for Gliding - August 2022Gliding5,270.00
Funding for Golf - September 2022Golf2,170.00
Funding for Gymnastics - September 2022Gymnastics750.00
Away Trip Project :Trip-prohibiting living costs & Outdoor First Aid TrainingHillwalking150.00
Funding for Hindu Society - September 2022Hindu Society500.00
Funding for Hockey (Mens) - September 2022Hockey (Mens)6,368.00
Funding for Human Powered Aircraft - August 2022Human Powered Aircraft1,365.00
Funding for Human Powered Submarine - September 2022Human Powered Submarine1,417.00
Diwali Fireworks and Food Display Grant Funding for Indian SocietyIndian Society50.00
Funding for Jazz Band - September 2022Jazz Band500.00
Taster Sessions and General TuitionJazz Dance1,060.00
Funding for Jazz Orchestra - September 2022Jazz Orchestra400.00
Funding for Jazzmanix - September 2022Jazzmanix150.00
Funding for Jewish Society - September 2022Jewish Society1,150.68
Funding for Jiu-Jitsu - September 2022-Coaching Costs Term 1Jiu-Jitsu500.00
Funding for KEEN Southampton - September 2022KEEN Southampton280.00
Funding for Kingdom Movement (KM) - September 2022Kingdom Movement (KM)119.00
Funding for Korfball - September 2022Korfball1,352.50
Funding for Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu - September 2022Kung Fu Club 1,250.00
Funding for Lacrosse (Ladies) - September 2022Lacrosse (Ladies)3,696.73
Funding for Lacrosse (Men's) - September 2022Lacrosse (Men's)898.20
Funding for Lacrosse (Mixed) - September 2022Lacrosse (Mixed)1,910.00
Funding for LGBTQ+ pin badgesLGBTQ+ Society86.00
Funding for Lifesaving - September 2022Lifesaving498.55
Funding for Live Music Society - September 2022Live Music Society161.77
Funding for Malayali Society - September 2022Malayali Society262.33
Funding for Marxist Society - August 2022Marxist Society350.00
Funding for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - September 2022Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)3,604.23
Grant Application for LIMUN 2023 Delegate FeesModel United Nations975.00
Funding for Mountain Bike - September 2022Mountain Bike2,105.92
Funding for Mountaineering - September 2022Mountaineering5,094.85
Funding for Netball - September 2022Netball1,472.50
Funding for Olympic Weightlifting - September 2022Olympic Weightlifting1,500.00
Funding for Once a Month - September 2022Once a Month58.25
Funding for Paintball - September 2022Paintball800.00
Funding for Pakistan Society's 1st semester - September 2022Pakistan Society53.00
Funding for Philosophy Society - September 2022Philosophy Society35.98
Funding for Photographic Society - September 2022Photographic Society263.00
Physiotherapy Society Sports Massage Equipment - September 2022Physiotherapy Society444.00
Funding for Polo - September 2022Polo2,264.19
Room and Tuition Hire 2022/23Pottery Society460.00
Funding for Powerlifting (Coaching, Barbell, BUCS Qualifier Entry Fee) - September 2022Powerlifting1,100.00
Funding for Quidditch - September 2022Quidditch142.50
Funding for Renewability and Sustainability Society - September 2022Renewability and Sustainability Society500.00
Funding for Riding - September 2022Riding2,539.55
Funding for Rifle - September 2022Rifle2,264.75
Funding for Road Cycling - September 2022Road Cycling1,216.60
Funding for RoboSoc - September 2022RoboSoc665.86
Funding for Roundnet Spikeball - September 2022Roundnet Spikeball217.75
Funding for Rugby (Mens) - September 2022Rugby (Mens)7,879.65
Funding for Rugby (Women's) - September 2022Rugby (Women's)6,719.50
Funding for Wessex Sailing - September 2022Sailing Club6,427.00
Funding for Salsa Society - September 2022Salsa Society945.00
Venue Hire - Funding for Sinfonietta - September 2022Sinfonietta864.00
Funding for Ski and Snowboard - August 2022Ski and Snowboard770.00
Funding Grant Round 1Skydive1,025.00
Funding for Slacklining - September 2022Slacklining460.66
BUCS 9 ball championship - September 2022Snooker and Pool550.00
Funding for Soapbox Racing - September 2022Soapbox Racing406.97
Funding for Southampton Hub - September 2022Southampton Hub360.00
Funding for Squash - September 2022Squash1,952.88
Funding for Street Sports - September 2022Street Sports 180.00
Funding for Sub-Aqua - September 2022Sub-Aqua1,391.00
Funding for Surf - BUCS 2022Surf1,237.27
Funding for Swimming - September 2022Swimming6,124.25
Funding for Symphonic Wind Orchestra - September 2022Symphonic Wind Orchestra500.00
Funding for Symphony Orchestra - September 2022Symphony Orchestra2,880.00
Funding for Table Tennis - September 2022Table Tennis2,745.46
SUTKD Year of funding for BUCs, coaching, and essential kit replacementsTaekwondo5,333.85
Funding for Tamil Society - August 2022Tamil Society30.00
Funding for Tap Dance - September 2022Tap Dance573.56
Funding for Team Southampton Motorsport - September 2022Team Southampton Motorsport4,571.90
Southampton University Tennis Club – 2022 – 2023 grant applicationTennis6,475.80
Funding for The Edge - August 2022The Edge500.00
Funding for Trampolining - September 2022Trampolining3,470.00
Funding for Ultimate Frisbee - September 2022Ultimate Frisbee1,525.82
Funding for Video Games & Esports Society - September 2022Video Games & Esports Society1,023.00
Funding for Volleyball - August 2022Volleyball3,774.00
Funding for Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing - September 2022Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing1,393.40
Funding for Water Polo - September 2022 - BUCS Transport//New Match Balls//SwimEngland Membership//Inflatable Goal//Coaching Fees//Coaching Courses//Pool HireWater Polo3,414.83
Funding for Wessex Scene - August 2022Wessex Scene702.00
Funding for Widening Access to Medicine Southampton - August 2022Widening Access to Medicine Southampton302.00
Funding for Windsurfing - September 2022Windsurfing1,337.94
Funding for Witchcraft & Magick Society - August 2022Witchcraft & Magick Society50.00
Funding for Yoga Society - September 2022Yoga Society630.00

In total £216,515.65 was awarded in this grant round to 128 clubs and societies

Summer 2021-2022

Grant TitleClub/SocietyAwarded (£)
Funding for Canoe - April 2022Canoe375.00
Funding for Canoe Polo - April 2022Canoe Polo825.00
Funding for Cricket (Mens) - April 2022Cricket (Mens)1,990.00
Funding for Hockey (Mens) - April 2022Hockey (Mens)240.00
Funding for Jazzmanix - April 2022Jazzmanix350.00
Funding for Netball - April 2022Netball225.00
Funding for Olympic Weightlifting - April 2022Olympic Weightlifting680.00
Funding for Paintball - April 2022Paintball600.00
Funding for Persian Dance Society - April 2022Persian Dance Society228.00
Bhangra Funding for Punjabi Society - April 2022Punjabi Society400.00
Funding for Quidditch - April 2022Quidditch442.00
Funding for Rifle - April 2022Rifle385.50
Funding for Salsa Society - April 2022Salsa Society60.00
Funding for Showstoppers - April 2022Showstoppers862.98
Grant application - Soapbox Racing - April 2022 - Red Bull Soapbox RaceSoapbox Racing255.00
Funding for Southampton Swing Dancers - February 2022Southampton Swing Dancers320.00
Funding for Stage Technicians' Society - April 2022Stage Technicians' Society1,001.00
Funding for Student Scout And Guide Organisation - April 2022Student Scout And Guide Organisation180.00
Summer RallyStudent Scout And Guide Organisation580.00
Surf Instructor Course (ISA)Surf500.00
Funding for Symphonic Wind Orchestra's Summer Concert - April 2022Symphonic Wind Orchestra565.00
Funding for SUSO/SUSWO/SINF 2022 tour to Bruges. Symphony Orchestra722.00
Musical Director and ConcertSymphony Orchestra2,852.60
Funding for Table Tennis - April 2022Table Tennis100.22
Funding for Taekwondo - April 2022Taekwondo414.00
Funding for Touch Rugby - April 2022Touch Rugby322.60
Funding for Ultimate Frisbee - April 2022Ultimate Frisbee181.00
Funding for SVGEVideo Games & Esports Society650.00
Funding for Video Games & Esports Society - April 2022Video Games & Esports Society200.00
Funding for Windsurfing - April 2022Windsurfing111.69

In total £16,618.59 was awarded in this grant round to 27 clubs and societies

Spring 2021-2022

Grant TitleClub/SocietyAwarded (£)
Funding for American Football - February 2022American Football500.00
Funding for Anime and Manga Society - February 2022Anime and Manga Society332.50
Art Society Grant Application February 2022Art Society200.00
Funding for Artificial Intelligence Society - February 2022Artificial Intelligence Society447.00
Funding for Athletics & Cross Country - February 2022Athletics & Cross Country300.00
Funding for Badminton (Colours) - February 2022Badminton (Colours)1,159.85
Funding for Ballet Society - February 2022Ballet Society250.00
SUBLDS Funding - February 2022Ballroom and Latin Dance Society1,080.00
Funding for Boat (Rowing) - February 2022Boat (Rowing)3,860.49
Funding for Brass Band - February 2022Brass Band500.00
Funding for Breakdance Society - February 2022Breakdance Society105.00
Funding for Cameroon Catalyst - February 2022Cameroon Catalyst100.00
Funding for Canoe Polo - February 2022Canoe Polo532.50
Funding for Capoeira - February 2022Capoeira400.00
Funding for Caving - February 2022Caving432.50
Cheltenham Concert and Summer Tour 2022Chamber Choir350.00
Consent Awareness and Sexual Health Education Society Initial EquipmentConsent Awareness and Sexual Health Education Society994.98
Funding for Cricket (Ladies) - February 2022Cricket (Ladies)300.00
Funding for Southampton University Disc Golf (SUDG) - February 2022Disc Golf (SUDG)528.00
Funding for European Law Students' Association - February 2022European Law Students' Association441.37
Funding for Fencing - February 2022Fencing917.00
Funding for First Aid Society - February 2022 - Essential Training EquipmentFirst Aid Society1,204.08
Funding for Football (Ladies) - February 2022Football (Ladies)75.40
Funding for Football (Mens) - February 2022Football (Mens)200.50
Funding for Golf - February 2022Golf250.00
Funding for Gymnastics - BUCS 2022Gymnastics537.10
Funding for Gymnastics - Varsity 2022Gymnastics55.00
Funding for Human Powered Aircraft - February 2022Human Powered Aircraft600.00
Funding for Human Powered Submarine - February 2022Human Powered Submarine1,284.98
Funding for Ice and Inline Hockey - February 2022Ice and Inline Hockey1,506.00
India Society APNA 2022Indian Society528.98
Funding for Irish Dance Society - February 2022Irish Dance Society400.00
Funding for Jazzmanix - February 2022Jazzmanix455.00
Funding for Kathak Bharatanatyam Dance Society - February 2022Kathak Bharatanatyam Dance Society 480.00
Funding for KEEN Southampton - February 2022KEEN Southampton250.00
Funding for Lacrosse (Men's) - February 2022Lacrosse (Men's)415.00
Funding for Lifesaving - February 2022Lifesaving604.20
Funding for Lithuanian Society - February 2022Lithuanian Society20.00
Replacement of music equipment/general purchases - February 2022Live Music Society527.25
Safety Gear, Safety Courses and BUCS - MountaineeringMountaineering1,255.00
Nepalese Society Football Team Pitch HireNepalese Society74.00
Funding for Netball - February 2022Netball590.07
Funding for Olympic Weightlifting - February 2022Olympic Weightlifting350.00
Funding for Persian - February 2022Persian160.00
Funding for Persian - February 2022Persian204.00
Funding for Persian Dance Society - February 2022Persian Dance Society228.00
Funding for Persian Dance Society - February 2022Persian Dance Society59.92
Funding for Polish Society - February 2022Polish Society432.00
Funding for Semester 2 Polo - February 2022Polo660.00
Funding for Quidditch - February 2022Quidditch506.75
Funding for Relentless Generation Christian Fellowship - February 2022Relentless Generation Christian Fellowship679.98
Rifle RepairsRifle250.00
Funding for BUCS TTs and Track Sessions - February 2022Road Cycling98.00
Funding for Roundnet Spikeball - February 2022Roundnet Spikeball70.00
Funding for Rugby (Mens) - February 2022Rugby (Mens)350.00
Funding for Wessex Sailing - February 2022Sailing Club1,085.00
Wessex Sailing BUCS Sailing Club2,500.00
Funding for Salsa Society - February 2022Salsa Society945.00
Funding for Ski and Snowboard - February 2022Ski and Snowboard630.00
Funding for Skydive - February 2022Skydive400.00
Funding for Snooker and Pool - February 2022Snooker and Pool837.50
Funding for Soapbox Racing - February 2022Soapbox Racing790.00
Funding for Steampunk Society (Kraken Soc) Creative workshop - February 2022Steampunk Society (Kraken Soc)85.00
Funding for Street Dance Society - February 2022Street Dance Society684.89
Surf Instructor Course / WetsuitsSurf948.10
Funding for Swimming - February 2022Swimming1,065.00
Funding for Table Tennis - February 2022Table Tennis150.41
Funding for Taekwondo - February 2022: SUTKD Funding for Spring BUCS, coaching and electronic KP&P scoring kitTaekwondo1,000.00
Funding for Tap Dance - February 2022Tap Dance396.00
Funding for Team Southampton Motorsport - February 2022Team Southampton Motorsport1,035.00
Funding for Trampolining - February 2022Trampolining902.50
Funding for Ultimate Frisbee - February 2022Ultimate Frisbee880.25
Coaching Ultimate Frisbee220.00
USD Portsmouth Dance FeesUnion Southampton Dance810.00
Pure Dance Contribution Union Southampton Dance1,600.00
Funding for Video Games & Esports Society - February 2022Video Games & Esports Society200.00
Funding for Volleyball - February 2022Volleyball731.40
Funding for Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing - February 2022Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing842.25
Funding for Wildlife Society - February 2022Wildlife Society476.45
Funding for Windsurfing - February 2022Windsurfing400.00
Funding for Zumba+ - February 2022Zumba+ 250.00

In total £48,957.15 was awarded in this grant round to 75 clubs and societies

Autumn 2021-2022

Grant TitleClub/SocietyAwarded (£)
ACS ball and other Semester 1 EventsAfrican and Caribbean Society 650.00
Full Grant ApplicationAmerican Football4,400.00
Wireless Microphones for KaraokeAnime and Manga Society80.00
BUCS Outdoors 2022Archery1,046.00
Affiliation Fees 2021/22Archery211.00
Foam Targets and StandsArchery1,762.00
BUCS Indoors 2021Archery746.00
Bow Maintenance and Shooting EquipmentArchery403.89
Sports grantAsian Cultural Society220.00
Application for funding for affiliation, travel and track bookings. Athletics & Cross Country656.00
Grant Application for Badminton (Colours) 2021-2022Badminton (Colours)3,501.50
Recbad Plastic Shuttles for sessionsBadminton (Recreational)79.90
Feather shuttlecocks for the Eagles wing of RecbadBadminton (Recreational)291.75
TuitionBallet Society185.00
Squad TuitionBallet Society330.00
Tuition and Venue hireBallroom and Latin Dance Society980.25
Speaker EventsBar Society 300.00
Baseballs, Coaching, Softball Bats, Nationals, BUCS Entry, Travel, Left Handed Catchers MittBaseball and Softball1,338.96
Men’s and Women’s Basketballs, BUCS Travel and Coaching costs Basketball5,423.71
Southampton University Boat Club - grantBoat (Rowing)6,568.97
Conductor HireBrass Band250.00
Sheet MusicBrass Band93.10
Knee and Elbow PadsBreakdance Society105.00
National Student Rodeo (NSR) Competition and Whitewater Coaching FeesCanoe3,254.00
indoor and outdoor decks, paddlesCanoe Polo1,160.00
Tutor costs for capoeira classesCapoeira800.00
Student Retreat to Isle of WightCatholic Society450.00
Musical Director's Fees & Sheet Music Rental/PrintingChamber Choir880.00
Vixens Funding Application: 21/22Cheerleading - Vixens4,590.00
Chess ClocksChess119.96
Concert band fundingConcert Band2,370.00
Start-up and Continuity TuitionConsent Awareness and Sexual Health Education Society126.00
Taster sessionsContemporary Dance Society120.00
Core Cricket (Ladies)1,402.50
Coaching Fees/Facility Hire/Equipment Cricket (Mens)889.10
Coaching course, University Opens, and TravelDodgeball381.00
Membership and Travel Costs for ELSA UKEuropean Law Students' Association200.00
Entrance fees, function rooms, and streaming subscriptionsFandom Society125.00
Freshers Activity Equipment Feminist Society209.23
Fencing Grant round 1Fencing1,928.87
Badminton equipment (also viable for volleyball)Filipino Society54.00
Tagalog teacherFilipino Society90.00
Health and safety suppliesFilipino Society20.00
BannersFish On Toast66.00
Filming EquipmentFish On Toast329.98
Annual Running CostsFootball (Ladies)3,826.28
First Aid Equipment Football (Mens)105.00
BUCS Travel Football (Mens)878.15
Coaching Football (Mens)1,760.00
Training and matchday equipment Football (Mens)300.00
Intra-Mural Development Football (Mens)120.00
Ghana Society 2021/2022 Semester one Grant eventsGhanaian Society420.00
Gliding Society 2021/22 Grant ApplicationGliding1,380.00
SUGC Squad fundingGolf1,438.50
British Gymnastics Club MembershipGymnastics100.00
Emergency shelters, first aid kits and compassesHillwalking378.96
Semester 1Hindu Society824.43
BUCS TravelHockey (Ladies)1,512.40
England Hockey Board Affiliation FeesHockey (Ladies)121.83
New Equipment Hockey (Ladies)684.50
New Indoor EquipmentHockey (Ladies)571.80
Travel expenses/Equipment /Club affiliations /CoachingHockey (Mens)5,619.00
Aircraft improvements - MKII fuselage manufacturing Human Powered Aircraft600.00
Autonomous Boat CompetitionHydro Team320.00
Coaching, Club Equipment, Safety Equipment, Kit Maintenance, and Competition MileageIce and Inline Hockey5,923.20
Diwali Diya Ball Indian Society850.00
TuitionIrish Dance Society400.00
Musical DirectorJazz Band750.00
Two Week Taster Sessions Jazz Dance246.00
General Tuition Jazz Dance410.00
Jazzmanix Choir Grant Application 2021-22 – Round One August 2021:Jazzmanix500.00
Grant For Jewish SocietyJewish Society333.28
Traditional Dance CostumesKathak Bharatanatyam Dance Society 420.00
Funding for Session Venue KEEN Southampton300.00
'Heart of Christmas' (Christmas ball)Kingdom Movement (KM)330.00
EKA AffiliationKorfball165.00
Club Affiliation & Insurance, & Instructor TravelKung Fu Club 1,050.00
Grant Application: Coaching, BUCs Travel and EquipmentLacrosse (Ladies)3,595.88
Men's Lacrosse 2021-2022 grant application: Equipment for Freshers/ Travel Costs/ CoachingLacrosse (Men's)1,672.06
1. Competition Fees/2. Match Travel Expenses/3. Safety Equipment/4. CoachingLacrosse (Mixed)1,300.00
Clubs and Societies Fair & Freshers Events Advertising MaterialsLawyers Without Borders 34.25
BannersLGBTQ+ Society114.89
Lifesaving August Grant Lifesaving991.01
Events EquipmentLithuanian Society143.00
Purchase of general music equipmentLive Music Society103.80
Core funding for weekly Tea and Talk sessions Mind Society50.00
Coaching, Equipment and First Aid course for CoachesMixed Martial Arts (MMA)3,751.10
A Grant Application for LIMUN 2022 Delegate FeesModel United Nations650.00
BUCS / Travel Expenses / Trips / Club BikesMountain Bike2,259.36
Climbing Safety GearMountaineering2,476.80
Nepalese festivals- Dashain and Tihar event for new/ existing members Nepalese Society140.00
Southampton University Netball Club (SUNC) Grant Support for Coaching, BUCS League Transport Costs and Replacement Match NetballsNetball1,366.15
Coach level oneOlympic Weightlifting600.00
Oxfam Course Global warming, Growing inequalities, Migration, Digital inequities. Oxfam Society600.00
PakSoc Semester 1 Events Grant ApplicationPakistan Society358.49
Grant application Semester 1 2021/22Polo1,320.00
Tuition and Room Hire Pottery Society494.00
QuidditchUK Membership, Tournaments, Quidditch179.50
Training/Competiton Venue Hire/Competition TravelRiding1,895.92
Southampton University Rifle Club - Semester 1Rifle3,800.25
Affiliations, BUCS events, Track coaching and equipment repairsRoad Cycling1,736.68
Prototyping project for how to run an UK robotics competitionRoboSoc302.96
Coaching, Training Balls, Match Balls, Scrum Machine, TravelRugby (Mens)4,458.18
Women's rugby equipment, coaching fees and travelRugby (Women's)4,999.46
Wessex Sailing Club Core 1 2021/22Sailing Club6,854.00
Kings Affiliation competition travel and protective equipment Ski and Snowboard700.00
Southampton Skydive Club Combined Grant Application for 2020-21Skydive1,753.00
Grant to facilitate greater safetySlacklining105.98
Grant to facilitate greater member capacitySlacklining62.83
Grant to allow greater expansion into other areas of the sportSlacklining87.51
Team CoachingSnooker and Pool900.00
BUCS-UPC 9-ball Pool ChampionshipsSnooker and Pool541.00
BUCS Snooker ChampionshipsSnooker and Pool666.00
BUCS-UPC Eight-Ball Pool ChampionshipsSnooker and Pool1,032.00
Travel to feshers competition, and building materials.Soapbox Racing362.74
Coach fees, Squash balls Squash2,049.50
StageSoc funding request - Grant round 1Stage Technicians' Society707.70
Tuition (Street & Street’s Afro Sessions)/ Taster SessionsStreet Dance Society531.00
Viking RallyStudent Scout And Guide Organisation320.00
First Aid SuppliesStudent Scout And Guide Organisation150.35
Sub-Aqua club funding request - Grant round 1Sub-Aqua3,064.70
BUCS 2021Surf973.40
Musical Director and PianistSUSingers400.00
Conductor FundingSUStrings (String Orchestra)250.00
Grant Round 1 Application Southampton University Swimming ClubSwimming4,432.50
Musical Director FeesSymphonic Wind Orchestra1,000.00
Music Director, Pre-term Freshers course, Posters, Sheet Music HireSymphony Orchestra1,339.00
SUTTC Grant Round 1Table Tennis2,352.16
SUTKD Year of Funding for BUCS, nationals, coaching and kitTaekwondo2,774.67
Sports Membership for Wide laneTamil Society91.00
Sports Training EquipmentTamil Society60.99
1. Tap shoes 2.Teaching costsTap Dance535.99
Safety equipment / British Universities Karting Championship / Training / Intra-uni karting / Spectating events / SimracingTeam Southampton Motorsport2,002.70
BUCS Travel Tennis516.50
Tennis balls - both Competition and training Tennis1,660.00
New Racquets Tennis343.92
Non-first team coaching Tennis1,500.00
Coaching for BUCS first teamsTennis600.00
Coaching, Level 1 Coaching Course and Equipment Maintenance.Trampolining5,359.00
SUTRI Funding ApplicationTriathlon635.00
Team Coach Hire, BUCS Men's indoor regionals, BUCS Women's indoor regionals, Mixed indoor regionals, Women’s outdoor BUCS travelUltimate Frisbee1,610.74
SVGE Funding Request - Core Grant 2021Video Games & Esports Society455.00
Coaching and BUCS TravelVolleyball2,206.50
2nd Hand Kites and BoardsWakeboarding and Kitesurfing1,700.00
Assistant Water Polo Coach Course / Swim England Membership / New Match Balls / New Away Hats / BUCS TravelWater Polo1,663.72
WAMSoc Interventions Widening Access to Medicine Southampton215.00
Southampton University Windsurfing Club grant applicationWindsurfing1,455.00
YogaSoc Teachers’ Wages Yoga Society2,200.00

In total £182,277.84 was awarded in this grant round to 121 clubs and societies