Welfare Sec thoughts on Alcohol Awareness Week

Drinking is a massive part of uni culture, and when done in safe, consensual environments can be lots of fun! However, problems can arise when people are feeling nervous, pressured or unsafe when drinking at socials. Committee members should keep an eye on members, as well as each other, to check everyone is feeling comfortable […]

Introducing SUSU’s Green Sleeve Initiative

Help SUSU be more sustainable and play your part in saving the planet!  Every time you want a hot drink from The Shop bring along your own cup or purchase one of ours to keep. Put one of our FREE green sleeves on your cup before filling it up with your drink of choice. At […]

Winter Break Opening Hours

As we approach the winter closure, we wanted to make you aware of our Christmas opening hours for SUSU venues and buildings.  The Stag’s 16 & 17 December: Closed  18 – 20 December: 15:00 – 22:00 *Closed for Christmas Break* 2 – 5 January: 15:00 – 22:00 6 – 7 January: Closed The Bridge 16 […]

All Student Vote – The Result

Following a petition being submitted at the start of the month by a student, which very quickly gained the required 250 signatures, SUSU held an All Student Vote which asked students to vote on whether they thought the University should lower or remove the charge on the Sports Pass. The All Student Vote needed to […]

International Students’ Day

Today is International Students’ Day, a day to celebrate our diverse community of students! We’ve spoken to some members of our Clubs and Societies about their experience of studying in the UK, and how belonging to our Clubs and Societies enhanced their University experience.  Uluk Rasulov  “I come from a small country of Kyrgyzstan in […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023: Transgender Healthcare

The majority of healthcare needs for a transgender person are just the same as any other person. And, like us all, trans people are entitled to open, respectful, sensitive care from healthcare providers. However, this unfortunately is not always the case, and there are often many difficulties for trans people to receive the level of […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023 – The importance of Sport & Swimming for all

Swimming as a fun activity or a competitive sport can be empowering to participate in, though when it comes to being comfortable in our own bodies, enjoying swimming and really losing yourself in the freedom of it can become difficult.   For members of the Transgender community, this can especially mean a focus on how our […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023 – Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally 

Here is a brief overview of just a few of the ways in which you can be a good ally to the transgender community; there are both things you can do more often and things you can avoid, which together help create an environment that is safer and more supportive for transgender, nonbinary and gender […]

All Student Vote – Sports Pass

On Friday 09 November 2023, SUSU opened an All Student Vote on the following statement:  “The University should lower or remove the charge on the Sports Pass Sport is supposed to be inclusive and accessible. Adding this charge in the middle of a cost of living crisis stops people playing sport and makes Southampton University […]

SUSU Shop makes £200 local charity donation

As part of The SUSU Shop’s partnership with Nisa, we are part of the “Making a Difference Locally” charity scheme. This enables local retailers like us to donate money to their local communities. These funds are raised through specific products we sell in store, and then a local charity is chosen for a donation. We’re […]

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