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Last Reviewed 10/06/2021


What should we do about trips, tours or contracts with other parties?

There is a lot of uncertainty about how the coronavirus epidemic will evolve over the coming months and academic year. We all hope that things will return to normal as soon as possible, but must plan and make decisions to minimise financial risk to clubs, societies and members.

SUSU currently requests:

  • not entering in to any contracts with professionals (i.e. coaches, conductors, trainers, teachers) that include a financial commitment beyond a 'pay as you go'/'pay per hour delivered' style approach
  • not entering in to any contract with a third party provider (i.e. tour company, facility supplier) that includes financial penalties if the contract cannot be fulfilled due to the coronavirus pandemic or Union/University/Government restrictions
  • Minimising any financial exposure/commitment beyond the first term of the academic year
  • Minimising any requests to students to pay towards activity significantly (i.e. months) in advance of the activity taking place
  • Contact with SUSU via before making any significant financial commitments to future activity, especially in relation tours/trips

We appreciate that the above is challenging, but managing financial exposure of each club and society must be a significant priority at this time. If you have already signed a contract or wish to discuss one, please contact the Activities Team via