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Society Provision from home for service in SUSU premises


If providing food from the society members and home cooked, then the following information should be provided:

- Evidence of Level 2 Food Safety certification - the holder of the certificate must be present to supervise the preparation, cooking and service of the food. A photocopy of the certificate must be provided and must have been taken and passed within the past 12 months.

- Evidence of allergen training certification - the holder of the certificate must be present to supervise the preparation, cooking and service of the food. A photocopy of the certificate must be provided and must have been taken and passed within the past 12 months.

- A full list of the menu to be provided along with allergens for the menu and the society members

- A completed risk assessment demonstrating the food safe methods for the preparation. Cooking, storage, movement and service of foods including temperature records to show the correct temperatures of all processes in line with food legislation. The risk assessment should also include details of measures taken to reduce risks for health and safety as well as food safety.

- Declaration to adhere to the risk assessment once approved with the knowledge that service and procedures will be checked

- Clear and identified service method for the elimination of risk of cross contamination of foods and allergens


Society Provision of Pre-Packaged Items for service on SUSU premises


Due to the introduction of Natasha’s Law, October 2021, all foods pre-packaged for direct sale must align with the legislation around the labelling of foods pre-packaged for direct sale.

Anything that is pre-packaged for sale or distribution must have a full list of ingredients with the allergens highlighted in bold

Food that isn't PPDS - Any food that is not in packaging or is packaged after being ordered by the consumer. These are types of non-prepacked food and do not require a label with name, ingredients and allergens emphasised. Allergen information must still be provided but this can be done through other means, including verbally or with clear signage. 


Society Provision from an external supplier for service on SUSU premises

If an external supplier or caterer is to be used for the provision of food, then the following compliance should be met and approved in advance of the event

External caterers must provide a copy of their EHO rating of a minimum of 4 stars.

External caterers must provide a copy of their public liability insurance certification with a minimum of £5 million cover

External caterers must provide a detailed risk assessment or HACCP documentation to illustrate their safe preparation, service, storage, and delivery of foods supplied along with details of the menu and all allergen and ingredient contents.

If an external caterer will be present for the service, then they must ensure that service meets the requirement of food safety laws in terms of temperature control and in line with their risk assessment.

If an external supplier is on site and cooking, all equipment must be PAT approved within 12 months and evidence of this provided in advance, Gas equipment and cooking would not be permitted.

If an external supplier is present on site and cooking, they must provide a detailed fire risk assessment and have relevant fire safety equipment available, and staff have the knowledge of how to use the equipment.

All documentation must be submitted in advance of any event and approved by the host (SUSU), failure to submit and have the event approved will fender the booking void and food service will not be permitted.


Once approved, the society will be notified and during the event there will be a contact provided by the host (SUSU) and the society must be aware that checks will be completed to ensure that the details provided in the risk assessment are being complied with and any failings will result in the withdrawal of foods and the host will not be liable for any losses incurred. 


Checks that may be completed during service include but are not limited to:

  • Check of food safety supervisor being present (the person with the Level 2 Food Safety Certification) meets that of the submitted certificate
  • Check of knowledge of those present of allergens and the content of the foods
  • Temperature control of food meets with good safety legislation
  • Personal hygiene of service staff
  • Service is in line with the risk assessment / HACCP documentation submitted
  • Fire risk assessment where appropriate is being complied with
  • Equipment in use is the approved and PAT approved equipment.


Food cooked by societies for serving at their homes / external premises


We would recommend that the preparation, cooking, and service is overseen and supervised by someone with the Level 2 Food Safety and Allergen certification and a risk assessment is completed as per service within SUSU premises to ensure the safe service of food.


Please note, SUSU do NOT take any responsibility for food prepared, served, cooked, and eaten in this manner and the onus lies upon the person/s cooking and serving to ensure their food is safe.


Food cooked / provided by societies for service in university premises


Societies are required to gain written permission to serve food in the designated University location and this must be submitted as part of the paperwork process and all other paperwork must be submitted for approval as per service in SUSU premises.


The University has the right to impose their own restrictions over and above those imposed by SUSU and societies must agree to meet and adhere to these procedures for the event and food service to proceed.

Please note, some locations in the University may not permit the service of foods, for example lecture theatres and SUSU would not condone behaviours that were in breach of the University procedures and restrictions.