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Applying for SUSU Funding


To apply for funding, select the 'Apply for Grants’ option from your Groups Hub page at 


Grant funding is funding provided by the SUSU directly to affiliated clubs and societies. 

Grant funding is not designed to cover the day-to-day running costs of the group. These should be covered by membership fees, fundraising, or from other sources. Grant funding is designed to cover the costs of resources, specific pieces of equipment, or trips that wouldn’t otherwise be able to be provided by the club or society.


Is your club/society eligible? 

  • You need to be a club or society affiliated to SUSU.
  • All your members need to have bought membership through the Box Office.
  • You have uploaded all required documents to Groups Hub (including risk assessments, constitution, financial forecast and bank balance, bank signatory info, privacy statement).
  • Your committee needs to have discussed the funding request and be in agreement with your application.
  • Your club or society should not have a negative bank balance.
  • You must have a bank account for your club or society (since if you get awarded money it needs to be paid to somewhere). Please let us know if your bank details have changed (if SUSU already has your bank details from previous years you do not need to supply them again).
  • You have provided evidence for previous use of grants that you were awarded (this will apply for applications in Funding Round #2 in Autumn 2018 onwards).


There are specific guidelines for sports club application which can be found here


The funding application process... 

  • Funding decisions are made by a combination of the relevant sabbatical officer and in some cases the relevant committee.
  • The money available in each of the three grant rounds is now roughly equal. As a result, you should only apply for things you need in the term of the grant round.
  • If you were granted less money than you applied for or think the decision was unfair then you are welcome to amend and improve your application and resubmit during the next funding round.
  • This year (2021-22) you should only make one application per club stating the total amount of funding you would like to ask for, however within the application you should provide a simple breakdown.
  • An example application can be found here.


How will your application be judged? 

  • On how your application will benefit your members (and how many of them it will benefit).
  • Whether there are any obvious more appropriate alternatives.
  • Whether an application could be partially funded and achieve similar results, i.e. a reduced amount or money for only some of the items requested could be granted.
  • Whether amendments/conditions of the funding should be implemented, e.g. that the club/society submit a report after the event, find a cheaper quote, or do a joint venture with another club/society.
  • The club/society’s input (whether this is financial or in another way such as time and resources).
  • How high a priority the items you are applying for are as per the grant guidelines.

You may apply before your committee have completed all the required training, however the money will not be released until this has been completed. 


What won’t you be granted funding for? 

There are specific guidelines for sports club application which can be found here

The budgets exist to help clubs and societies achieve their aims and objectives; however, you should be aware that there are certain things that SUSU cannot finance. These include but are not limited to: 

Item Reasoning 
Social tours/social events Tours with joint social and developmental purpose are acceptable. Social events must further the group’s aims. 
Profit-making events SUSU does not subsidise events that student groups will make money on (with the exception of charitable fundraising). 
Non-student campaigns As a students’ union, SUSU funds must be spent on activities that directly affect the lives of our students. 
Food and drink Students should fund food and drink themselves. 
Direct donations to other charities SUSU can facilitate fundraising for charities but can’t make direct donations itself. 
Applications that don’t benefit all members (including personal items) Items should benefit members generally (current and future). 
Facilities already provided by SUSU (space, website hosting) SUSU provides many facilities free of charge already. 
Flyers and leaflets      As decided by all-student vote in the Annual General Meeting in 2016, SUSU no longer provides funding for flyers and leaflets, as they are unsustainable forms of promotion. Consideration should instead be given to other forms of publicity. 


In addition, we will not fund applications: 

  • When the cost outweighs the benefit (e.g. expensive equipment that can be hired/alternative used, hiring expensive performers).
  • If the projects/items lack detail (you need to tell us what it is, how much it is, and why you want it).
  • If you received funding for a similar item recently.
  • For things you have already paid for (retrospective bids).
  • For items which fall outside the revised 2020-21 grant guidelines


How we decide applications 

Applications are considered by the relevant sabbatical officer and at times the relevant committees at dedicated meetings to be held within two weeks of each funding application deadline. Clubs/societies will be notified of the decisions as soon as reasonably practicable. 


How to spend allocated funding? 

You will receive the funding straight into your club or society’s bank account or Money Hub. 

You must spend the funding on the items specified in your application. If you wish to spend it on other items, you must reapply. 


To give your application the best chance of receiving funding, follow our Top Tips: 

  • Make sure the application form is filled in correctly and completely.
  • Be realistic - it’s very unlikely that your application for £2000 worth of glow sticks for a single event will be approved.
  • It is important that as many people as possible benefit from SUSU funding, so make sure you specify how many people will be involved/attend your event/use the equipment.
  • Show value for money, can you buy in bulk? Can you share equipment with other groups? Have you asked different suppliers for quotes?
  • You are unlikely to repeatedly receive funding for the same activities, so consider how you can make your club/society and its activities more sustainable. You could consider organising additional fundraising, sourcing external sponsorship, or scaling down your plans to make them more manageable.

Remember we only have a limited amount of money to grant. As a rule, you should not expect to receive funding from SUSU and should plan accordingly.