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How to Complete a Risk Assessment

All student groups should complete a risk assessment for their general day to day activities and also separately for any additional events that take place. Please note that all risk assesments for events should be completed and submitted at least 3 weeks before the event takes place.

Whilst it can be easy to see them as an unnecessary inconvenience, they are in fact a very useful way of planning your activities, as well as being essential in ensuring that you are covered by our insurance. Risk assessments don’t need to be complicated, just follow our simple steps below:

Before the Event:

During the Event

  • Ensure all leaders have read the risk assessment
  • Ensure all prevention methods are acted upon

By simply completing the above steps, you show you that you have done your absolute best to recognise what could go wrong, the damage or danger this could cause and how you have tried to prevent it from happening.

It is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Officer to complete these risk assessments (if your group does not have a dedicated Health and Safety Officer it is the President's responsibility) and submit them to the Union. The risk assessment template and guidance can be accessed here.

Once you have completed your risk assessment, they should be submitted to activities@susu.org. If you’d like any further guidance on how to complete a risk assessment, then just pop into the Activities Office located on level 2 of building 42 (next to the Sabbatical Office) or email us at activities@susu.org.

If any changes are made to your risk assessment during the year, you must submit the new document to the Union.