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Considering Health & Safety for your event


Whenever you are running an event, health and safety should be a priority. This will help make sure that your members are safe and also protect you if anything should go wrong. Student groups are fully responsible for the events that they put on and bear responsibility for the safety of their members.

Here are some of the things you will need to make sure you have looked into before holding an event:


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a legal requirement that you must complete in order to be covered by SUSU insurance. They are also a really handy way of helping you plan your event and ensure you have provisions in place should anything go wrong. Risk assessments for events need to be completed and submitted at least 3 weeks before the event takes place. 



SUSU does have public liability and insurance cover, which protects both its own members and the public against certain accidents. This insurance does not cover everything though, and it is important that you know whether you will need to take out additional insurance.


How to report an incident?

SUSU has implemented an accident and incident protocol which you should make yourselves aware of before holding an event.



Events which take place late at night or involve a large number of people will require security. If you are booking your event through SUSU, we will advise you of this. If using an external venue though, you should check what their requirements are ahead of time.