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How to Create a Balanced Programme of Events

SUSU is a unique and diverse community of individuals which we believe should be celebrated. The Union strives to be open and welcoming, where everyone can participate fully in the activities and services we offer. As student groups affiliated with SUSU, it is your responsibility to ensure that as a group, you also reflect these values. To find out more about our equal opportunities policy visit our equal opportunities page.

As student groups, one of the main ways you can help make this happen is to ensure that your events and activities are balanced and reflect the wide range of students who make up your membership. This doesn’t have to mean that all your activities are non-alcoholic daytime events, but rather that you offer a wide variety of events and activities which reflect your membership. In short, don’t get stuck into a pattern of thinking that all anyone wants to do is go on a pub trip round Portswood! Similarly it’s worth remembering that an activity which may have been very successful in one year might not in another.

Below you will find a list of activities which have proven to be very popular and successful amongst various student groups. We would recommend that you try holding as wide a variety of events as possible, and for every alcoholic event, try to hold at least one non-alcoholic event.

Event Ideas

  • Trips abroad or to other UK cities e.g. somewhere with a cultural or sporting interest
  • Trips to theme parks or adventure centres e.g. Thorpe Park, Playzone, Splashdown
  • Meals
  • Fundraisers (see our RAG pages)
  • Balls or formals. You may want to consider collaborating with another group to make it particularly special
  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Sports days on the common
  • Community work
  • Film night – you can even hire the Union cinema by visiting their website: http://www.unionfilms.org/about/society-screenings.html or by emailing bookings@unionfilms.org 
  • Quiz